Find an Interpreter in Iran

Interpreter in Iran

To find an interpreter in Iran you, may google it and you would find so many websites. There are official translators who are licensed and qualified. But there is a huge difference between a translator and an interpreter as you might know yourself.

Some business people keep traveling to Iran and they have made friends in Iran. Whenever they travel to Iran they ask their friends to company them here and there.

One of the Best Business Interpreters in Iran| Akam Ata | Yasha Sazmand, MBA

If you are looking for the best business English Farsi interpreters, you should find someone with business background. Someone who has studied business like an MBA. The one who has worked, lived and studied abroad and has cross-cultural and international work experience in English language can help you.

I personally do not recommend non Iranian websites to find an interpreter inside the country as I have been a member of them. They don’t ask for any documents or evidences and you might be confused with fake profiles.

Thus, I recommend Iranian websites, for finding an interpreter in Iran. Test your interpreter online you can contact him/her and have a conversation in English. It might be easier to contact the interpreter on WhatsApp to have verbal communication to check if you two can understand each other or not.

Last but not least, when you make sure you find the one you wanted. You should confirm the date and time. If you only have a mobile phone number then it might be switched off when you arrive. Investigate thoroughly and decide. For my business trip, I personally choose someone who has an office or is introduced by a company when I want to find an interpreter in a foreign country. interpreter in Iran

The interpreter you need, must be fluent in both Farsi (Persian) and English. Please note that his/her accent in English is also very important as it has to be understandable. In addition, some of them might not understand your accent so it is very significant to have an online phone call before you confirm everything.

Business Interpreter in Iran Akam Ata Yasha Sazmand

Yasha Sazmand Marketing Advice Consultant Iran

Yasha Sazmand, MBA,
Marketing and Business Consultant based in Tehran, Iran
Simultaneous and Consecutive Business Interpreter in Iran
Management and Science University, Malaysia
CEO and Board Member – AKAM ATA Anzali Free Zone Co.

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