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All Marketing Ps

All marketing Ps based on AMA , in 2017 are still 4 P’s in marketing science.

The Famous Marketing 4Ps

4Ps in marketing, is important to MBA and DBA graduates, university professors in marketing, marketing managers and consultants, and whoever is interested in marketing either practical or academic marketing.

  1. Product (goods or services)
  2. Price (the amount payable by the customer)
  3. Place (Distribution)
  4. Promotion (Defined based on Association of National Advertisers (ANA))

How many Ps in Marketing?

But is it what you are looking for, Four 4Ps ? If you google online about marketing Ps. There are lots of Ps? So how many Ps we have in marketing? This is the question I search on google today “how many Ps in Marketing”.

I have published several marketing academic articles in internationally well-known academic peer-reviewed journals, investigated, researched, studied a lot. But still I have a question how many Ps in marketing we have? Yes, Philip Kotler, father of marketing in 2002 said there are 4ps in marketing. However, it was about 18 years ago.

Now in 2020, is still 4 Ps Product, price, Place, Promotion the key parts of marketing mix?

Some articles say there are more than 4Ps in marketing science. Kim Kachadoorian, in 2011, introduces 9 Ps for marketing addition another 5Ps to classic marketing 4Ps.

The Contemporary Marketing Ps

  1. Purpose (Why and What) – purpose of your marketing strategy
  2. People (Belong to promotion) – who are the audience, users, target market
  3. Processes – long term predictions plan like marketing plan and business plan – Best method for prospecting your business
  4. Philosophy – Sharing your company philosophies with the world (Company DNA)
  5. Packaging – How you offer your products in packages or how you present your company services

How many other marketing Ps?

It is all marketing Ps? No, there are so many Ps people across the world added to the “P’s” in marketing world. Are these people experts, educated or well-known academicians, consultants or university professors? I don’t think so but these writers have make some good points, I am interested to read new things about marketing. The number of Ps in marketing has been a question from the time I was a global marketing student in Malaysia.

Other Marketing Ps I found online

  1. Position – (Related to brand positioning of the company)
  2. Physical evidence – (branding categorized under marketing field)
  3. Procurement
  4. Presence
  5. Pivot
  6. Rationalization – customization
  7. Planning – Graham Harvey in his article – 13 + 1 P’s of Effective Marketing associated it to Marketing Plan.
  8. Point of Difference – (Differentiation) What difference your company/product/service is famous for?
  9. Programming – again related to the business and marketing plan
  10. Performance – “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” It’s about KPI or Key Performance Indicators
  11. Persistence – regardless of all ups and downs and unpredictable circumstances, staying focused on your flexible marketing strategies is the key to success.


All Marketing P's Marketing Plan Advice in Iran Akam Ata Co.

Are there still some other Ps in marketing? Is it all marketing Ps?

Google it, there are articles about 3Ps in marketing, 4Ps in marketing, 6 Ps of marketing, 7 ps of marketing, 7 p’s of service marketing mix, 14 p’s of marketing, 11 P’s in Marketing, 14 Ps in Marketing and other articles related to Ps in marketing mix.

The 44 P’s of Marketing

Ah no there is no such thing, I saw an article online with the title ” The 44 P’s of Marketing”. Please do not add more p to marketing if you are not a proven globally well-known scientist in the field of marketing. There is no 44 ps of marketing so do not search for it, it is just a recommendation who from a marketing expert, author and consultant who has read so many books and articles. It’s your choice, if you want to confuse yourself as a marketing student.

All Marketing Ps

All marketing Ps, you may found online in different nonacademic articles are 20 Ps in marketing. but don’t take it seriously and stick to academic papers not personal blogs, personal viewpoints.

Original Marketing Mix, 4 Ps in Marketing and the expanded 7 Ps

Stick to the classic 4Ps proposed by E. Jerome McCarthy which is globally accepted and the expanded 7 Ps in marketing. This is all marketing Ps

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion
  5. People
  6. Process
  7. Physical Evidence

4 Cs in Marketing

  1. Consumer (Needs and Wants) – Commodity
  2. Cost
  3. Convenience Channel
  4. Communication

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Yasha Sazmand, MBA

Yasha Sazmand, MBA Marketing Plan All marketing P's

Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Solids Design, Iran

Master’s Degree, MBA, Global Marketing, Management and Science University, Malaysia.

Received a PhD offer in the field of Management from University of Bergamo, Italy (Università degli studi di Bergamo) but did not registered for the PhD program as it was not a full scholarship offer. To me, no point to pay for further education.

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