English Language in Iran

English Language in Iran

Language barriers might be the subjects that you think of when you wish to travel to Iran. Let me make it crystal clear, lots of young people and well-educated people can speak English. You can find an interpreter in Iran who can speak English language fluently.

Languages and dialects in Iran

Farsi (Persian) is the main language in Iran. Azeri (Azerbaijani) which is similar to Turkish, Kurdish, Gilaki and Mazandarani dialects, Luri, Arabic, balochi, Armenian, Talysh etc. are other languages which is spoken inside the country.

Arabic, Azari (similar to Turkish) and Farsi or Persian are all spoken in Iran but the official language is Farsi or Persian. A lot of people can understand Turkish as their mother tongue is Azari which is similar to Turkish. Arabic is also taught in schools and there are some people who can speak Arabic as it is their mother tongue. Arabic and Farsi languages look similar because of their alphabets but they sound completely different.

Language at Iranian Universities

There are public and private universities in Iran that English language fields are being taught at the universities in Iran. Therefore, you may find people who graduated from the universities in the field of English language translation, English language teaching (ELT), English language literature in Iran.

English Language at High Schools in Iran

English language is officially taught as a foreign language in Iranian high school. It is one of the subjects at university entrance exam. Then, there are lots of people who study the language in Iran. As a result, a lot of people can speak surviving English, using the language to communicate as they have been taught the language at high schools.

English Language Private Institutes in Iran

There are a lot of great English language teaching institutes in Iran. It has become significant for parents in so far as some of them have already started registering their children in private language institutes or their children have private tutors.

Language in Tehran and Other Cities

In most of cities all the signs are in two languages, Farsi and English language. In most of hotels, staff can speak English. Major cities in Iran, like Tehran, Isfahan (Esfehan), yazd, and Shiraz there are lots of private tour guides and traveling agencies that can provide you with licensed tour guides who can speak English fluently. There are information signs in the main museums in Iran and it is easy for you to understand. In addition, in a city like Isfahan there are phone devices in multiple languages so that you can chose a language and listen to the explanations about the historical places. Some restaurants offer menu in English language but English-speaking waiter or waitress are rare unless it is some well-known hotel restaurants. Don’t worry, there are always people who can speak a bit of English in case you need. Try to learn some Farsi (Persian) phrases. But we would say, you need an interpreter in Iran. A business interpreter if you wish to do business and a tour guide if you wish to visit the country.

Friendly and Hospitable People in Iran

Friendly and hospitable people in Iran, would help you to find someone who can speak with you. They make friends with you and most probably leave their phone numbers so that you can contact them whenever you need. They invite you to their houses and apartments and try their best to help you. I have heard it from so many travelers who visited Iran.

English language to do Business with Iranian Companies

If you wish to do business with Iranian companies, there are lots of great business interpreters in Iran who can speak the language fluently assist you. If you are looking for a native like business interpreter in Iran, you can also find one. You may contact our business consultants for further information.

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