Iranian handicraftsPersian handicrafts

Persian handicrafts or Iranian handicrafts can be considered as the best souvenir in Asia

Persian handicrafts – Iranian handicrafts

As an Iranian living overseas I found out there are a lot of people around the world who are interested in Iranian arts and handicrafts. Weaving industry producing Persian carpets, Ghalamkar, Iranian Termeh (durable table cloth that be washed and dried easily). “sermeh doozy”as a elaborate Persian embroidery is used to decorate to  tablecloth. Most of international tourists visiting Iran would be interested to know about or to buy Iranian handicrafts.

Iranian or Persian handicrafts are really well-known in the region and the world.  Termeh is one of the south-after Iranian hand-made cloths, which is one of the most popular exportable Iranian handicrafts.  Termeh become well-known in Safavid period in Isfahan, in the region of Shah Abbas Safavid, let’s say ancient time Persian empire.

Some of the Iranian popular handicrafts and arts:


  • Kilims
  • Persian embroidery (broderi dozi)
  • Zaridozi (decorating fabrics by sewing with golden stitches)
  • Patteh
  • Termeh
  • Sermeh doozy

Metal Works – Persian handicrafts

  • Khatamkari
  • Minakari
  • Toreutics (Ghalam-Zani)



Persian handicrafts Iranian handmade Sermeh Akam Ata Co.
Persian handicrafts Iranian handmade

Iranian handmade handicrafts

Shopping for souvenirs is one of the most beautiful parts of any trip. Not only does this familiarize you with the customs and culture of a nation, but it is also a way to remind loved ones and have a valuable memory of travel. Each type of trip can have its own charms. Some of the moment trips are full of fun and entertainment, and some are historical tourism. Here you can find what to buy as Asian souvenirs.

Persian souvenirIn the meantime, shopping is one of the things that go on in many trips and is considered one of the best experiences of any trip. Every city in Iran has its own souvenirs. The most famous souvenirs of Iran Zamin, which are usually bought by foreign tourists, are artistic handicrafts that have been made with the love and passion of their creators and with great effort. Since Iranians have long been very skilled in the arts, handmade, etc., each of its provinces has its own souvenirs that are unique in their kind.

 طراحی سایت وبسایت مشاوره کسب و کار یاشا سازمند

Persian handicrafts – Iranian handicrafts

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