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Advertising in Iran, ways, target market and merits

Advertising in Iran, ways, target market and merits

Due to its multicultural population and sanctions, Ads in Iran has its unique methods. However, similar to other countries, social networks are the first top platform for Ads in Iran. Since market potential in Iran is still very young particularly for startups, this article is assigned to review methods, target market, and variety of Advertisement in Iran.

What is advertising?

Business owners often seek users for their products or services. They attempt to communicate with them in every possible way, such as, direct communication, television, social networks, email, radio, press and etc. All of these ways which aim at giving a message to users to intend and influence their buying behavior is called advertising. Advertising is not something that people are always aware of, but it is always present. Ads campaigns in Iran is done to the same goals.

To advertise the products or the service a company needs to hire an agency sometimes to brief it on the brand, the values, the company’s target segments, and so on. However, small or new businesses usually commence the conversation usually on social networks by themselves without the need to hire any agency.

Top famous Adverts campaigns in Iran for the past thirty years have been run to national TV channels and outdoor media was second. However, in the last eight years, digital media which is relatively new in Iran is one of the outstanding platforms for advertising. It is relatively new in Iran and is experiencing an amazing rate of growth.

Target market in advertising

The critical step in any type of advertising is to establish the target market, which means the company’s intended audience before reaching them. For instance, if your target audience is teens an advertising medium such as newspapers is a poor choice. Similarly, senior citizens are much more likely to use Facebook.

Thus, building a demographic profile of intended customers to define the target market involves taking into account some significant criteria such as age, lifestyle, marital status, gender, marital status, shopping habits, etc.

You will also need to know the level of competition for the service or product with the target customers to learn how to compete on price.

Advertising in Iran

For advertising in Iran and establishing the target market, you need to bear in mind that you will communicate with one of the most diverse audiences. You will communicate from the north to the south and from the east to the west with a multicultural highly educated community where some markets are unsaturated in the big cities and towns. If you look for a very successful advertising and communication company in Iran, you cannot ignore this fact. But, keep in mind that the market potential is just opening up.

Top social media for advertising in Iran

Though using social media in Iran has some restrictions due to sanctions, it is still widely used for advertising.

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