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Business Consultants in Iran

Business Consultants in Iran

Business Consultants in Iran, is what Akam Ata team provide you with. Akam Ata Anzali Free Zonem has a team of business consultants, business interpreters in Iran.

Business Consultants in Iran akam ata akamata

AKAM ATA Services:

  • Business Consulting Solutions
  • Business Management
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Advice Iran
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Strategic Plan and Advice
  • Investment and Financial Plan
  • Business Interpreter in Iran
  • Human Resources Management Consulting
  • International Marketing Advice
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media and Advertising Campaign
  • Management Consulting

I worked in Iran and overseas. Over 10 years of International and domestic work experience. Having the experience of working for 100Furtune companies and globally well-known companies taught me so many things.

Working internationally, I have seen some people have been a business consultant or a business management consultant from the first day they have born. Believe it or not, they can not be great business consultants. Yes, being a business consultant might be a prestigious and well-paid job. But, how can businessmen trust you when you have never worked for someone? How can they trust you when they review your resume and do a background check? What do you have in your educational and professional background to make you a professional business consultant?

You have to study hard, work hard, manage a team, manage a company so that you gain experience to become a business consultant. I have been a labor, specialist, engineer, expert, senior specialist, supervisor, and then I became a manager. I have been a business interpreter in so many international business meetings. I climb the corporate ladder and then I decided to have my own company with a team of business consultants in Iran.

Do a Background Check on a Business Consultant

Therefore, if you are seeking advice from me. Choose a business consultant in Iran who has a great resume. Then you definitely need to do a background check. Is the resume reliable? Can you trust him/her? How well-known the consultant is? Does he/she has an office and a registered official company? and there might be so many other criteria you have. Select carefully.

Wish you Luck.

 طراحی سایت وبسایت مشاوره کسب و کار یاشا سازمند

Yasha Sazmand Marketing Advice Consultant Iran

Yasha Sazmand, MBA
Business Consultant based in Tehran, Iran
Management and Science University, Malaysia
CEO and Board Member – AKAM ATA

Contact Info: ceo @akam-ata.com |   +۹۸۹۱۲۰۳۷۷۰۲۰

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