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Yasha Sazmand, B.Eng., MBA is a marketing consultant based in Tehran, Iran. He has been a marketing manager in Tehran, Iran and abroad for many years. He is currently the CEO and board member of Akam Ata Anzali Free Zone Company. He is an MBA graduate (Global Marketing) from Management and Science University in Malaysia. Yasha has lived, worked and studied overseas for several years.

Yasha has worked for IranTalent Recruitment & Jobs for Professionals, in Tehran, Iran, SELLBYTEL / Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel), NetApp project, NetApp UK Ltd. , Brandt International Sdn Bhd, KL, Malaysia. and so many other international and domestic companies.

Academically speaking, Yasha might be one of the best marketing consultants in Iran as he has in-dept knowledge of marketing. He has published several academic articles in globally well-known journals in the field of marketing management.

Akam Ata board of directors and experts are senior managers and experienced in marketing. By reviewing the company profile and the team members resumes you may get the point that years of experience in the field of marketing they can bring on the table when you have a meeting with them.

Searching for marketing advice, Iran, you may contact our experts at Akam Ata so that they can provide you with marketing consultations in Iran. We would be glad to provide you with market analysis, market research, feasibility study, marketing plan, marketing campaign, marketing advice and management consulting services in Iran.

Yasha Sazmand Marketing Advice Consultant Iran

Yasha Sazmand, MBA
Marketing Consultant based in Tehran, Iran
Management and Science University, Malaysia
CEO and Board Member – AKAM ATA

Contact Info: ceo |   +989120377020

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