Digital marketing Agency in Iran

Digital marketing Agency in Iran

Digital marketing and Digital marketing Agency in Iran are growing and expanding day by day. Iran was one of the countries with the highest growth in the field of ICT technology and information in 2017. The first statistics were related to the 110.53% growth of the mobile penetration rate in Iran. In the following, we will look at the statistics regarding the importance of paying attention to Digital marketing in Iran.

Technology advancement and the importance of Digital marketing Agency in Iran

About 170 million SIM cards have been sold in Iran, of which about 88 million are active. This statistic shows the importance of Digital marketing in the field of mobile and related platforms. Iran has the most literate people in the region (over 6 years old) with a rate of over 87%. It is thought that the age of using mobile phones or other technologies related to ICT has decreased and become more widespread, which shows how much Digital marketing in Iran can Suitable for your business. These services, especially in the online space such as Google Adwords, click advertising and in the field of mobile, such as advertising on Instagram and Telegram, content management and production for social Networks can be mentioned.

Digital marketing Agency in Iran

Main services of Digital marketing Agency in Iran

Ads on Google

Advertising on Google is an online advertising method that can be said to be perhaps the most powerful type of advertising

Ads on popular sites

One of the most effective types of online advertising is advertising on popular sites.

Email marketing – Digital marketing Agency in Iran

Email marketing means sending emails to people who register their emails on our site in any way.

Digital marketing consulting

Digital marketing consulting can provide the right answers to some of the questions and concerns that corporate minds have.

Website Optimization – SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO means search engine optimization. Because Google is the largest search engine, most SEO are known as Google SEO.

Develop a Digital marketing strategy

How to succeed in the world of Digital marketing without having a proper strategy?

 طراحی سایت وبسایت مشاوره کسب و کار یاشا سازمند

Content marketing

Dedicated and functional content is the most important factor in the growth of any business in the digital space.

SEO analysis

SEO analysis is a very important thing. You do not have a clear digital strategy when you do not know where your position is from Google’s point of view or where your current position is growing and how much you are in danger of falling. SEO analysis in Iran.

Website design and management

Managing a successful website, launching an online store, running a news website, having a good academic portal, providing appropriate services on a service site, and generally the gradual development of any business with any type of site, requires continuous monitoring of customer and user feedback.

Site security

As technology grows, so do the risks. Securing the site is one of the critical requirements of digital systems.

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