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Business Travel from Malaysia to Iran

Traveling from Malaysia to Iran to do Business

Interpreter in Iran, might be required for you if you wish to travel from Malaysia to Iran. I studied, worked and lived in Iran. An Iranian student who could get a good job in Malaysia. I have lots of Malaysian and Iranian friends in Malaysia now. After completing a master’s degree in MBA (Global Marketing), I took a few interviews by Brandt International Sdn Bhd, and I was successful to get a job. I started to work for Singapore Telecommunications Limited informally called Singtel which one of the projects of Brandt International as an outsourcing company. After a year, I had interviews with so many companies to get a better job with higher income. I failed Microsoft Corporation project Interview but I was accepted for NetApp UK project, outsourced to SELLBYTEL / Group » Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Therefore, I enjoyed living in Malaysia for several years working with Malay, Chinese, Indian, British friends there. I am a member of Interpreters Travel website so you may find me there as well.

There are lots of Malaysian who travel to Iran as a business trip, medical purposes or pleasure. I would say, the most important thing when you travel from Malaysia to Iran is an interpreter. If wish to travel from Malaysia to Iran to do business. Our company (Akam Ata Team) try their best to help you. Needless to say, there is a huge differences between a tour guide, a translator and an interpreter in Iran and it really depends on your purpose so that you know which one you need in what occasion. Interpreters Travel with you, is another option.

Find an Interpreter in Iran Familiar with Malay Language

There are lots of student who have studied or still studying in Malaysia. There are businessmen who always travel and Malaysia is one of the destination. Malaysia is one of the tourists hub in the region so there are Iranians who travel to Malaysia for pleasure as tourists. I recommend you better to find an interpreter who is familiar with your language or can speak a bit. I love Malay language and I tried to learn a bit. However, sometimes there is no choice and you should only rely on your English language to communicate in Iran.

Business Travel from Malaysia to Iran Interpreter in Iran Akam Ata

Find an Interpreter in Iran Familiar with your English Accent

in 2009, I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia airport to register for a master’s degree programme at the university and continue my education. The first day I was really confused because I felt that Indian English accent, Malay English Accent and Chinese English accent are a bit different. Even Australian, British and American English accents are different.  If you have not lived or worked with them, you might not be able to understand the accents. People learn English listening to audio clips, training materials, movies etc. I am telling this because I used to be an English teacher in Malaysia and Tehran, Iran and I still am. Is the accent you hear in movies like that one is in real life? My answer is no. You need to travel and communicate with people from other countries to understand their accents better. “Interpreters Travel” is a website you might be able to find a Farsi (Persian) interpreter. If you wish to use our company (Akam Ata) services you may contact our experts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, for online consultations.

Yasha Sazmand, B.Eng., MBA
CEO & Board Member
Akam Ata Anzali Free Zone Co.

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