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Business Travel to Tehran, Iran 2020/2021

Business Travel to Tehran, Iran 2020/2021

Business Travel to Tehran, Iran 2020/2021

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Why you should travel to Tehran, Iran?


Is it safe to travel to Iran? Whether you are traveling to Iran individually or by group, whether you are a woman or a man, Iran is a very safe country. It doesn’t matter when you arrive to Iran or where you stay, you will feel safe and secure. Business Travel to Tehran Iran

  • Iran is popular all over the world

Iran has been introduced by many sources as one of the most popular travel destinations in 2014. I can only tell you that this year is the beginning of the endless period of foreign tourists flooding into Iran. Business Travel to Tehran Iran

  • Hospitality Iranian People

Iranians are hospitable people because of their culture. From Tehran to Tabriz, when you meet the Iranians, they invite you to their homes. Of course, you should also be familiar with the tradition of offerings to the Iranians before traveling, as you may encounter a driver’s compliment when you get out of the taxi and say goodbye to him without knowing this tradition.

Hospitality and the expressing friendly feelings are the most prominent behavior of Iranians you will notice in your travel to Iran. So if you encounter Iranians who invite you to their homes, they will give you something as a souvenir, they will appreciate your attention, take photos with you, get your email address or your Facebook account to  greet you later, give you a hug, and handshakes do not be surprised.

  • Ancient history of Iran

Iran Persepolis is probably the most famous historical place of Iran, but it is not the only historical place of this country. From ancient Persia to Modern Iran, it is a long historical journey that you can experience in your travel to Iran and observing monuments of various periods.

  • Persian (Iranian) architecture

If you look at a mosque, a palace or an Iranian market, you will see fine ornaments. The Iranian architecture is definitely something that attracts your attention as a tourist.

Travel to Tehran, Travel to Iran, Beatiful pictures of picture photo Golestan Palace
Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran
  • Iranian Handicrafts

Each of the provinces, cities and even villages of Iran has its own specific handicrafts. In Yazd, you can buy a beautiful cashmere, you can buy carpets in Tabriz and decorative blue and beautiful tiles in Isfahan. Wherever in Iran you can bring a unique souvenir home. Business Travel to Tehran Iran

  • Iranian food

From pistachios to black tea from saffron to kebab, from Mirzakasmi to vegetable gum, all are tempting and delicious for you in your travel to Iran, but if you ask me about the most delicious Iranian food, I will choose Pistachios and Baklava. While some Iranian cuisines, such as Ghorme Sabzi, are national and you can find them anywhere, but some foods are special in certain regions of Iran, such as Mirza Ghasemi, a Gilan food, or Disy with a lot of meat belongs to Ardebil.

  • Low Local Traveling Costs and Less Expensess Inside Iran

Whether due to sanctions or as a result of the devaluation of the national currency, travel to Iran is already reallyy cheap for tourists and it has made Iran tourism Industry to really grow especially medical tourism industry considering the most famous surgeions and doctors in the region. (currency exchange rate might be changed so it is only an approximate vale of money) A train journey from Tehran to Tabriz is about 8 euros and a bus trip from Ardabil to Lahijan is less than 3 euros. A one-night stay in a 4-star hotel is about 30 euros. You can stay in a royal suite by a very reasonable price.

  • Quiet space Inside Iran to Chill

When you travel to Iran you will find out that Iran’s atmosphere is very calm, and unlike many regions in Italy, you can easily take photos anywhere (but got to pay attentions to rules and regulations and signs of Iran). The Iranians are very sociable and very happy to accompany you. Everywhere is peaceful and quiet and in your travel to Iran you can feel relaxed and secure.

  • Experience a truly reliable Business trip to Iran

Probably due to sanctions, Iran has little trade with Western countries. Iran can be proud of its products and its various production fields from food to ceramic and textiles. The Iranians also admire their culture and traditions. Most Iranians who can speak your language take the opportunity to make friend with you and explain what you can see, eat, hear, and so forth in different parts of Iran. However, it is recommended that you approche Iranian authorized travel agencies and companies to seek help.

How to dress in your travel to Iran

In Iran, some women wear veil. You need to wear hijab. However, the Iranian hijab differs significantly from some other countries, and it is various and colorful. Any kind of clothes that is not too thin, which covers the hands, feet and hair, and your body, is considered an Iranian hijab, and there is no limit to the choice of colors and design of the dress. This hijab limitation in your travel to Iran is enough. In other words, in Iran, you will not be exposed to extreme hijab, and you will see there is no problem with your clothes in Iran. Take a look at the Iranian women on the Internet (reliable sources) and consult with travel agencies of your choice so that they guide you. Your children in Iran are as comfortable as in your own country and there is no limitation for them.

Tourist Attractions in Iran

  • Northern Areas: The Caspian Sea coast is one of the most important tourist attractions and destinations in Iran, which attracts many people from all over the world every year to spend their leisure time there. In the Caspian region, there are massive and continuous forests on the Alborz slopes. Travelers traveling on the sides of the road are seen on one side of the blue sea view and on the other side of the forests, on the slopes of the mountains.
  • West and northwest regions: Alborz and Zagros mountains are suitable places for winter sports, which are covered with snow and can be considered as one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran. In the summer, the slopes of these heights become temperate climates, beautiful natural scenery, waterfalls, springs, and natural caves into attractive areas. Mineral water is one of the factors which make tourists to travel to Iran in each region.
  • Object and historical monuments: Fars province with ancient monuments such as Persepolis, Rostam and the ruins of the pool, Takht-e Solaiman, Pasargad (tomb of Cyrus) and post-Islamic monuments such as the mosque and baths and the market of the lawyer of Shiraz – Vakil Bazaar (Persian: بازار وکیل‎), the gate of the Quran (Qur’an Gate), the tomb of Hafez, and Sa’di is one of the cultural and historical attractions of Iran and is the cultural capital of Iran. So don’t miss them in your travel to Iran.
  • Religious places: Sacred religious centers and holy sites are the most important areas of Iranian tourism attractions. The city of Mashhad is the most important religious and tourism pole of Iran due to the presence of Imam Reza’s holly shrine. Every year, large numbers of Iranian and foreign pilgrims and Muslim countries travel to Iran.

Travel to Tehran Advantages

Tehran is the capital of Iran with fantastic tourist attractions such as great restaurants, museums and parks. So it would be a nice choice to travel to Tehran. Tehran City can be divided into two parts which are the north part and the south part. The north part has a nicer weather, and it is more prosperous and attractive than the south part, some people say but both parts are attractive for tourists. Tehran is a historical city and after these years it became a more modern city because of the significant changes and the increasing population at the same time. Tehran is a modern city because of the important government buildings in it and urban services that are provided for the people. There are many academic centers and organizations in Tehran too. So the architecture of the old city is changed and it is replaced by the modern architectural style. Tehran’s weather is nice and cool in the summers, so it is a pleasant place to visit. If you like to ski in the winter in Tehran, you can travel to Tehran and go skiing in ski clubs in Shemshak and also in Dizine.

Tourist attractions of Tehran

Tehran roof

Tehran roof is located in the northern part of Sa’adatabad and near the Kouy-e Faraz areas above Behrod Square. So the name of this area has been registered in the municipality of Tehran. Around the towers of this town, due to the presence of the mountain range and northern heights of Tehran, and due to the nice weather, there are several recreational and tourist attractions including the Parvaz Park and Jurassic Park as well as the Spinase Hotel, and Modern shopping centers are going to construct, So plan to visit there in your travel to Tehran.

 Garden of Iranian Art Museum

The Iranian Art Museum is located in the Elahiye district of Tehran, with an area of less than one hectare, and it is architecturally related to the first Pahlavi era. This building with the repairs started in 1384 changed its use to the Garden of Iranian Art Museum in 2007. The museum’s garden is said to be a place to hold and display artwork, providing a space that will allow the visitors to relax and enjoy.In this garden, according to the historical background of Iran from the ancient period, the traces of the place remained to be collected as a symbol in the green space, which is a small Iranian reminder. In the past, the garden has been provided to the cinema house with its lateral activities, which has been changed to the current museum with the final restoration in 1384-85. The current parts of the garden are: the gallery, the broadcast of the film, art workshops, the cultural products store and the various works of the Iranian sculptors which are nice views in your travel to Tehran.

Safari Chitgar Park 

Safari Chitgar Park includes a modular space that has a number of horrific genres in each corridor, and those who go through the course experience several frightening scenes. These park, the lake, recreastional centers, modern, Arabic and Western restaurants and fastfoods … are among the spaces that will surprise those who Travel to Tehran.

 Paradise Garden

Ferdows Gardens are located in Shemiran, near Vali Asr Street and Tajrish Square. Now the Iranian cinema museum is located in this place. Ferdows Gardens is not only a Qajari historical palace in northern Tehran, but also a permanent and long-standing place on the forefront of Tehran. In 1350, the building in the garden turned into a cultural and artistic center and exhibitions, and after the revolution it was also available to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

 Tehran Birds Garden

Tehran’s birds Garden is a must to visit if you travel to Tehran. It is located in the northwest of Tehran, in the forest of Levizan. The Tehran Birds Garden is designed in two sections. The first section, which has now been launched, is called Dashtcher, and includes birds that are kept in cages or those who cannot fly. The second section, which is smaller than the first section, is under construction in the northern region, and is called the “watercolor.” This phase includes birds that are capable of flying and possibly similar to those in the birds’ garden of Isfahan.

Milad Tower

Milad Tower is the name of a multi-purpose telecommunication tower located in the northwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran. The tower, with a height of 435 meters, is the tallest tower in Iran, the sixth largest telecommunication tower in the world, and the ninth largest tall tower in the world. The tower, with 13,000 meters of infrastructure, is the first in terms of the breadth of the tower structure among all the towers in the world. The Milad Tower is visible from nearly everywhere in Tehran due to its great height and its apparent appearance, and hence one of the symbols of the Iranian capital. You shouldn’t miss visiting Milad tower in your travel to Tehran.

The journey brings human beings out of everyday life and liveliness. Many people who believe that human beings can travel with their own soul and improve their circle of knowledge, because every time we go to a country or a new city and get acquainted with people of different customs and cultures. Perhaps those who are afraid to first leave the borders of their country, and now so immersed in this world are full of wonders that they call themselves tourists. Many consider travel as a means of abandoning work and living and spending a lifetime saving, traveling for only a few days and a few weeks, but there are also some people who use the official holidays and summer or even accurate schedules that they have managed to become good tourists at regular and reasonable prices especially when you travel to Tehran.
In your travel to Tehran, you can feel safe and secure, and there won’t be any problem for you. In Tehran violent crime is rare, and all areas are safe even late at night. So there is nothing to worry in your travel to Tehran.

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